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TribOz - New Talents

The project New Brazilian Expressions is essential to the role of TribOz as a performance space dedicated to the fostering of new approaches to composition and improvisation.

TribOz encourages Rio's new generation of virtuosic performer-composers to present their original works and improvisational experimentations on the TribOz Stage.

Commencing with Grupo Bamboo in 2010 (Bernardo Ramos - guitar, Bruno Aguilar - bass, Alex Buck - drums, Josue Lopez, Vitor Gonçalves - Piano, alto saxophone, accordion) the support for new local talents has grown dramatically.

Through a more recent affiliation with Itiberê Zwarg (bass player with Hermeto Pascoal since the early 1970s), and ongoing members of his Itiberê Orchestra Familia http://www.itiberezwarg.com.br/grupo.htm (founded and led by Zwarg since 1999), musicians such as Carol Panesi, Josué Lopez, Joana Quiroz, Beth Dou, and Mariana Zwarg have become regular TribOz performers as well as other hot new talents such as São Paulo pianist-composer, Solomão Soares.