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Since June 2008, TribOz has risen to become Rio's leading jazz venue. This ascension, in terms of impact, reputation, friendly informality and, in particular, the uniqueness of the space in Rio de Janeiro, is evident in the following selection of published comments and observations in reputed national and international journals and magazines:

2009 Rio Show (O Globo May 8) Onde a tribo do jazz se encontra / Where the jazz tribe meet
"Among the rare places that favor the genre (jazz), TribOz in Lapa is the most interesting . . . . TribOz is an elegant place where experimentation and improvisation take center stage in unmissable shows. Functioning without much publicity and relying on word of mouth as a decoy for a selected public, TribOz gives clients the feeling of being in a cool party at a friend's house . . . . impeccable service and music programming of the best quality" (Camara p.10, Eng. trans. Ryan/TR).

2009 Revista Brasileiro (Julho) Austrália-Brasil, com sabor de álcool e alho / Australia-Brazil, with alcohol and garlic flavour
"In this space . . . open to all musical expressions, although predominately jazz . . . . the more originality in the creation, the more affinity with the TribOz concept," says Mike. Freedom attracts musicians (worldwide), fascinates the public who fill TribOz from Thursday to Saturday, and already requires the house to work with advance reservations" (Pena pp. 32-33, TR).

2009 Hildegard Angel's Rio Bog
After a night at TribOz, Rio journalist and society writer Hildelgard Angel wrote: "TribOz is a relatively new house. Inaugurated by an Australian LPR (loco for Rio). TribOz has the best international jazz music shows in the city . . . . TribOz is our kind of Blue Note. The best voices, top musicians, the most sophisticated choices. It is the address of the best-informed ears of Rio. Programming is the finest, reservations must be made well in advance because if not, not even Christ can get a place" (TR).

2010 JAZZIZ (November) In the Midst of Chaos
Mark Holston is a reputed American music journalist, critic and regular contributor to leading American jazz publications, JAZZIZ and All About Jazz Magazine. In a 2010 article, Mark identified the growing impact, uniqueness and cult nature of TribOz in Rio only two years after inauguration: "By most standards of the jazz club business, TribOz, a small but up-and-coming venue hidden away on the fringes of Rio de Janeiro's city centre is doing just fine . . . . TribOz remains a kind of insider's secret" (p. 50)..

2010 Jazz Magazine Jazzman (Paris) News from Rio de Janeiro par Frederic Pagés
French jazz journalist Fredéric Pagés visited Rio in 2010 to write about the jazz scene in Rio's traditional bohemian district of Lapa and Rio in general. In his subsequent article in France's leading jazz magazine Jazzman (f.1956) he described TribOz as "la perle rare" (the rare pearl) of Lapa".

2011 BossaNova Brasil (Paris) TRIBOZ : Lapa cote jazz / TRIBOZ: Lapa scores jazz
In the French-language site above, dedicated to news about bossa nova and samba in Brazil and Paris, Thierry Louis Carron Limas wrote numerous explicit phrases of support for the uniqueness and beauty of TribOz: "(TribOz s'adresse à ceux qui veulent être provoqués / TribOz is for those who want to be provoked), (La salle est magnifique, intelligente, creative / The room is beautiful, intelligent, creative), (Le son est remarquable. C'est vrai que cette particularité suffirait à donner au TribOz une place unique à Rio ! / The sound/acoustic is remarkable. It's true that this feature alone would be enough to give TribOz a unique place in Rio!), (le plus beau club de jazz de Rio / the most beautiful jazz club in Rio de Janeiro)".

2011 Bruno Veiga Neto Do Jazz ao Samba
Mike / TribOz included and featured in this film by Bruno Veiga Neto.

2012 The Rio Times (November) TribOz, Jazz in Old LapaYour text to link...
Anita Kirpalani, contributing editor acknowledged the international level and appeal of TribOz and it's uniqueness when, following a night at TribOz and an interview with Mike, she wrote: "RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - Even if the Cidade Maravilhosa is never short of good places to listen to live music, jazz fans can have a hard time getting their fix in Rio de Janeiro. Yet from Thursdays to Sundays, "old Lapa" (closer to Glória), a little off the usual path for music and nightlife in the city, offers Rio's jazz connoisseurs a hidden gem - TribOz. This first jazz house in the official boundaries of Lapa is somewhat of an exotic animal in the neighbourhood. Jazz, a genre that originated in the early Twentieth century in the Southern U.S., is not the usual sound heard in the city of Samba. Inaugurated in 2008, TribOz is mainly dedicated to Jazz and Bossa Nova, yet with the strong motto of refusing any kind of compartmentalisation and classification. Mike Ryan, the Australian owner, is firm about the philosophy of TribOz: "prioritise creativity without preconception.TribOz has thus been the home to musicians from all over the world - like the Canadian Jean-Pierre Zanella, or the Brazilian João Carlos Assis Brasil, amongst others - who know their musical groundings without being afraid of breaking barriers . . . and American composer and pianist Cliff Korman who navigates with virtuosity between both American and Brazilian classics, constantly titillating the limits of the language and liberty of jazz".

Chosen by TAM Airlines International Flights for inclusion and promotion in their internatinal flight Journal REDREPORT, and indicated as Rio's leading jazz music venue: "Run by Australian Mike Ryan . . . an expert in musical anthropology and a Brazilian culture buff, this bar is the ideal place to listen to instrumental music, jazz and bossa nova"(ABRIL-MAIO /APRIL-MAY, 2012, p. 89).

2012-2015 The Lonely Planet TribOz / Entertainment-Night Life
Famous travel guide, The Lonely Planet also reinforces the uniqueness of TribOz in its description and recommendation: "Not for lazy ears, this avant-garde jazz house, a little hidden gem among the sonic cognoscenti, is unique in Rio for its serious approach to performances. Run by an Australian ethnomusicologist, it sits in a shadier part of old Lapa in a signless mansion, which transforms into a beautiful showcase space for Brazil's most cutting-edge artists . . . ." As shown, by the fifth year of operation, TribOz had established itself as Rio's number one jazz venue with an international reputation and appeal to global clients and musicians.

2013 The New York Times (Travel) Moving to the Rhythms of Rio
After a tour of Rio's principal live music venues including TribOz, New York Times journalist Lianne Milton emphasized the importance of the TribOz 'silence' proposal and its significance for her as a distinguishing factor when evaluating and comparing Rio's music venues: "Before the set began, the club's Australian owner, Mike Ryan . . . stood up and gave a little speech. "Triboz was started for people who want to internalize the music, and get up the next day feeling a little better in their souls," she wrote. "Therefore, I ask that you not speak during the music. Clearly, my kind of place", Milton concluded.

2013 SHowGoTv (USA) Coolest Music from the Coolest Places on Earth
In 2013, TribOz was classified by Brian Gruber, CEO of ShowGo.Tv as one of the world's iconic clubs and became the first of two only jazz venues invited to participate in his live global streaming project side by side with international icon jazz venues such as The Mint (Los Angeles), Blue Note (Milano), The Hideaway (London), Yoshi's (San Francisco), Jazz Alley (Seattle) and The Bitter End (New York).

2014 GuiadoRio (Riotur, January) TribOz: A Tribo da Austrália Tem Porto Seguro No Rio / TribOz; The Australian tribe found safe haven in Rio
Hellen Silva described tribOz as "a space dedicated to the study and dissemination of good music. TribOz was born in 2008, braving the almost unexplored of jazz clubs in the city.e Heavy weights of jazz have performed at the venue, such as Leo Gandelman and Mike Tucker. The cozy and well decorated atmosphere blends perfectly with the sounds that echo in the halls, always with an experimental and innovative touch".

2014 Veja Rio Comer & Beber Rio / Eat and Drink RioTribOz
"During the night between Thursday and Saturday, high-class concerts take place on the small stage, which led to a vote of the jury in music programming category in this edition of Food & Drink".

2015 Kekanto Triboz-Rio-Centro-Cultural-Brasil-Austrália
"For Jazz Lovers, there is no better place there in Rio for good music. A very cozy space with good service and delicious food options, make the place, in my opinion, a musical oasis in the wonderful city that is so lacking in spaces like this (Take a tip, more!").

2014 Circuito Carioca de Bossa Nova TribOz
"TribOz (Centro Cultural Brasil-Austrália) is the first and only international performance space in Lapa, Rio's downtown Bohemian district, dedicated to Brazilian / World Jazz, New Bossa and Experimental Music - "new and exciting musical expressions 'hot' out of the Brazilian and global ovens". At TribOz, you can listen to the best of Rio's musical offerings in silence while enjoying a fine Australian wine and tasty foods in a charming and romantic atmosphere of Bohemian Rio de Janeiro".

2015 Tripadvisor TribOz Rio de Janeiro
"The cultural center is best known as TribOz. Comfortable environment, decorated with Australian motives, varied menu and good service. The instrumental music shows are of the highest level and the cover charge is not expensive . . . . the best show venue in Lapa".

2015 Kekanto Triboz-Rio Centro-Cultural-Brasil-Austrália
"TribOz is a place where, more than anything, you must respect jazz. Tasty food, cold drinks and a very pleasant environment. Now, be careful, talking is limited to the music intervals, because during the show it is unacceptable. The owner reminds everyone of the importance of silence to appreciate the music, and hence for the internalization of every moment of the performance experience. You may take a while can take to get used to TribOz, but once you allow yourself to differ in the Carioca way to experience things, you will want to return there again and again. After all, it is clear that the bands are very good and the acoustics are excellent. Allow yourself the experience".

2015 All About Jazz Magazine (New York, July) A Jazz Holiday in Rio
Mark Holston is described in allaboutjazz.com as "a journalist and photographer who specializes in cultural, political, media, travel and economic issues relevant to Latin America. As a music journalist and critic covering Latin music and jazz, he is a regular contributor to
"Americas, "Jazziz," "Hispanic," "New York Latino," "Nuestra Gente," "Latina Style," and "Dancing USA," among others".

When in Brazil, Mark is also a regular at TribOz and has this to say about TribOz: "One of the city's best places to enjoy jazz and Brazilian music is TribOz, an old two story mansion in Lapa that's been converted into a welcoming venue for many of Brazil's best musicians. The club also hosts visiting artists. Recently, two New Yorkers, harmonica wizard Hendrik Meurkens and pianist Clifford Korman, who also teaches at a Brazilian university, did a one-nighter. Artists are usually only booked several weeks in advance, so Rio-bound aficionados should check the club's website for up-to-date information on who is being featured.

"Mike Ryan, the owner, is an Australian trumpeter and educator who has lived in Brazil for over two decades. A PhD with degrees in ethnomusicology and philosophy, he calls his venue, somewhat jokingly, The Brazilian-Australian Cultural Centre. An affable host who addresses audiences in softly Aussie-accented Portuguese, he sees TribOz as a place where musicians are treated with respect. Don't expect to hear a blender whining away as a bartender makes someone a cocktail. Before every set, he informs club goers that "TribOz has a restaurant, but it is not a restaurant, and it has a bar, but is not a bar." Although the finger food is scrumptious and the drinks are first class, his point is well made: People come to TribOz first and foremost to experience great music in an atmosphere where the artists on stage are truly respected. Blabbermouths will quickly be asked to leave".

2015 JazzTimes (USA) Jazz in Rio: Beyond Bossa
James Gavin, New York jazz journalist, author and biographer, is recognised as one of America's top jazz writers, a fact that earned him a Grammy nomination in 1996. Gavin's jazz music biographies have also won high-level praise and acclamations from the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. America's premier jazz magazine, JazzTimes (USA) is "widely regarded as the world's leading publication" about jazz. Regarding the journalistic level of its writers, an article about JazzTimes notes: "The list of contributors reads like a who's who of jazz journalism", and the magazine "provides uncompromising, comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the international jazz scene".

In a lengthy article above, James Gavin examines aspects of Brazilian jazz and renowned live music venues in contemporary Rio, and comes to a singular conclusion regarding the uniqueness of TribOz in the Rio music scene: "Back in Rio, a few clubs and lounges . . . . serve up some jazz. As for true jazz clubs, right now there's only one . . . TribOz . . . . the place has grown by word of mouth and the musicians clamor to play at TribOz".