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TribOz-Rio - A Unique Jazz Experience!

Welcome to TribOz-Rio.

TribOz is the first and only international performance space in Lapa, Rio's downtown Bohemian district, dedicated to Brazilian / World Jazz, New Bossa and Experimental Music - "new and exciting musical expressions 'hot' out of the Brazilian and global ovens". At TribOz, you can listen to the best of Rio's musical offerings in silence while enjoying a fine Australian wine and tasty foods in a charming and romantic atmosphere of Bohemian Rio de Janeiro.

Since its inauguration in 2008, TribOz continues to offer a unique jazz experience through a carefully planned combination of provocative sounds, decorations and exciting tastes that give emphasis to the main focus of TribOz: International-level Brazilian / World Jazz performances with an emphasis on 'hot' improvisations, spontaneity and originality, visual design and décor with a Tribal / Afro-diaspora feel, complimented by original menu creations designed to heighten the complete sensory experience.

TribOz - A 'New Tribe' of participants linked together through musical sounds, shared positive social and artistic interactions, collective internalisations, experiences and responses.

TribOz History

TribOz was created by Australian-born ethnomusicologist, Mike Ryan (PhD The University of Sydney, Australia). Active since 1964 as a performing musician and experimentalist (trumpeter, clinician, conductor, composer), Mike is also a passionate researcher of Brazilian music with more than 40 years of first-hand involvement with Brazil's music and culture both in Australia and Brazil.

TribOz, self-funded by Mike from the beginning of construction to the present day, has a total area of 220 square meters. The original historical residence (c. 1895), underwent a 5 year period of major demolition and conversion (2002-2007) in accordance with stringent rules and regulations laid down by local government regarding modifications to historical buildings marked for patrimonial preservation by Iphan (O Instituto do Patromônia Histórico e Artístico Nacional) as part of the cultural heritage of Rio de Janeiro / Brazil. In keeping with those conditions, the historical facade was retained and renovated. Everything else was razed and rebuilt mixing essential historical elements of the original construction with contemporary elements in stainless steel, dynamic angles and design materials, alongside tribal masks, instruments and icons of Australian, African and Brazilian indigenous tribal culture and art.

In 2012, the exact boundaries of Rio's historical downtown Lapa area were defined. TribOz (Rua Conde de Lages), formerly classified as part of the neighbouring Gloria area, then became officially recognised as belonging to Rio's newly delineated historic Cultural Corridor district called Lapa, currently the most active cultural area in the heart of downtown Rio and notoriously famous since the late 1880s for its transient and ongoing mix of Bohemian artists and nightlife dwellers - Rio's "most diverse urban tribes" (Wikipedia Eng. - Lapa).

TribOz Mission

The TribOz mission is to provide a creative, dynamic, yet socially peaceful meeting place for artists and people from all parts of the planet - a new tribe whose collective interactions and common intentions ideally transcend borders, boundaries and other determinants that divide our global population. To that end, music is used in TribOz as the primary vehicle for cultural and artistic interaction, stimulating new expressions and shared experiences that come from these interactive music-based encounters.

TribOz Space

TribOz offers musicians a space and environment for creative freedom with an emphasis on individual and collective improvisation, composition and experimentation. From the outset, the TribOz architectural conversion project was designed specifically as a dedicated live music performance space with a focus on performer visibility and an acoustic suited to professional recording standard.

TribOz seats 70 persons at tables distributed over two floors. Aesthetically appropriate decoration is mixed with high-quality acoustic treatment, air conditioning, a winter garden, quality sound equipment and an excellent Yamaha GB1 baby grand piano. TribOz also has a commercial kitchen and offers a creative menu of snacks, sandwiches, hot dishes and soups. TribOz bar service includes national and international drinks and Australian wines. All elements are combined to offer a palette of music, culinary and lounge delights, masterful live performances, creative events and social interactions and, most importantly - a unique jazz experience!

TribOz Innovation

TribOz is an innovative proposal, which also finds resonance in a fundamental project of Mike Ryan's called "New Brazilian Expressions", an idea conceived and practiced by Mike since 1974, which began in musical collaboration with Brazilian immigrant musicians in Australia, and gave birth to the development of his PhD thesis, Brazilian Music in Sydney 1974-1983 completed in 1991. A significant and ongoing number of original musical compositions, recordings and live music performances in Australia and Brazil continue to be generated from such intercultural exchange.

TribOz International Profile

In the short period of its existence since 2008, TribOz has gained international recognition through numerous reviews and articles in renowned media publications and international jazz journals (eg. The New York Times, Jazzman, JAZZIZ, All About Jazz Magazine, JazzTimes), and has been described as "Rio's only true jazz club" (James Gavin, JazzTimes: 2015 Sept., p. 45), and "the jazz capital of Rio de Janeiro" by New York trombonist, Luis Bonilla. In all cases, emphasis is given to the uniqueness of TribOz in Rio's jazz music scene. Distinguishing features of the venue are highlighted, such as the informal cult nature of the club with it's word of mouth recommendation, the consistently high standard of musician artistry, exceptional acoustical treatment, the importance of experimentation and improvisation (New Brazilian Expressions), the quality of service, food and drinks and fairness of prices.

This unique feeling of sharing and informality through music continues to the present day and remains a cornerstone of the TribOz experience.

Come and feel the airs and mystery of old Rio while enjoying the multi-art innovations. Experiment with this unique and provocative sensory combination not found anywhere else in Rio de Janeiro - Jazz, bossa and new Brazilian musical expressions 'hot out of the oven' in a space that is intimate and friendly - a unique experience - and you can hear your live Brazilian and international jazz in silence!