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Italian Open Sandwich Apetizer
6 toasted French bread slices drizzled with olive oil and topped with sesame seeds, buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, oregano, basil, onion, and chopped garlic
Byron Bay Chicken
Fillet of grilled chicken breast with black and white sesame seeds on a bed of sweet Brazilian cassava puree with broccoli and zucchini sautéed in rosemary oil
Oz-Chicken Homestyle
Oven-roasted chicken quarter accompanied with saffron rice and steamed cauliflower braised in leek
Stir-Fried Beef with Gorgonzola
Strips of salted beef sautéed with red onion and gorgonzola sauce, accompanied with a bread mix
Risotto Magarita
Risotto with Italian short-grain rice, buffalo mozzarella and grana padano cheeses, tomato sauce, Italian tomato and basil with an accompaniment of grated Parmesan cheese
Cassava Puree with Shrimp
Escondidinho is a typical dish from the Pernambuco region of Brazil?s Northeast with its roots in African cuisine. Try our tasty mix of pureed cassava with shrimp filling and melted Parmesan cheese
Creamed Cassava and Pumpkin
A delicious and original blend of cassava (tapioca root) and pumpkin, loaded with tasty shreds of premium dried beef and fresh cream
Creamed Potato
Cream of potato with minced sausage, leek, mini croutons and crispy bacon
Japanese Squash
Japanese squash soup with gorgonzola accompanied with a mix of toasts
Jazzy Salad
A tasty mix of lettuce varieties, cherry tomatoes, fine slices of raw pumpkin, apricots and walnuts with a vinaigrette of orange, honey and mustard
Grain Salad
Soybeans, chick peas, black-eyed beans, parsley, red onion, yellow pepper, chives, mint, fresh green peas and olive oil
Quinua e Camarão
Quinua, from Quechan kinwa, is an ancient, highly nutritious grain-like crop cultivated in the Andean mountain regions of Peru and Bolivia. Regarded as sacred by the Incas, its cultivation was suppressed by the Spanish colonists. TribOz offers and original mix of quinua with shrimp, zucchini and carrot with a touch of Sicilian lemon juice
Cheese Omelet
Cheese omelet with a delicious filling of Italian grana padano cheese, popular Brazilian mild cheese ?queijo prato?, parsley, chives, onion and oregano
Vegetarian Omelet
Vegetarian omelet with a mouth-watering filling of parsley, basil, onion, chives, oregano, cherry tomatoes and grated carrot
Chicken Wrap Sandwich
Shredded chicken wrap with spicy Dijon mustard, ginger, leek and salted macadamia nuts
Oz-Hamburger Homestyle
Lean pure beef, red onions, iceberg lettuce, cheddar cheese, special mayonnaise and onion-lemon sauce and French fries. Sauce options: hot, mustard, barbeque, tomato
Hot Rice Balls
10 hot rice balls with Italian grana padana Italian cheese, chives and parsley served with sweet-chilli sauce
Fish Kibes
10 crispy fish kibes served with a delicious sauce of natural yogurt and Brazilian lime juice
Single serving of Australian-style French fries with an original, mouth-watering mix of herbs and toasted garlic, laced with fine slices of tangy Italian Parmesan cheese
Mixed Cold Platter
An individual portion, cold platter mix of local Brazilian cheeses, cold meat varieties, green and black olives, prunes and apricots with a ¬¬serving of bread

Vanilla brownie with hot chocolate sauce, vanilla ice-cream and shredded coconut
Troppo Tapioca
Tapioca pudding with Italia cheese ice-cream and caramel sauce

Artisanal Juices
Commercial Juice
Soft Drinks
Fruit-Flavored Sparkling Soft Drink
Water 500ml Plain or Gas

Miles - Conhaque, cacau liquor, coffee liquor, cream and paprika
Cuba Libre - Rum and Coke
Nina - Choclate ice-cream, choclate shavings and rum
Margarita - Tequila, cointreau, lemon, salt and ice
Bondi Blue - Vodka, blue curaçau, pineapple, pineapple and lime juices
Mojito - Vodka, white rum, lime juice, fresh mint, lime juice, sugar and sparkling water
Shakuhachi - Sakê, carambola and pepper jelly
Cienfuegos - Rum, red curaçau set alight
Rusty Nail - Whisky with Drambuie
Curupira - Cachaça, blue curaçau set alight
Gin and Tonic - Gordon's gin with tonic

Caipivodkas (Smirnoff)
Caipirissima (Bacardi)
Caipivodkas (Absolut)

Cachaça de Minas
Gordon's Gin
Bacardi Rum
Smirnoff Vodka
Absolut Vodka

Chivas Regal 12 anos
Johnnie Walker Black 12 anos
Johnnie Walker Red

Stella Artois 275 ml
Bohemia Confraria 315 ml
Bohemia Weiss 350 ml
Brahma Extra 315 ml
Heineken 355 ml
Budweiser 343 ml