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The SALF Method is the result of 27 years of research in ethnomusicology and music experience in the world of samba. SALF: Samba + African + Latin + Funk.

SALF presents a rhythmic vocabulary for writing, composition and reading the first view:
1 Samba in Brazil and beyond its borders
2 Styles influenced by samba in Brazil and in other cultures
3 assorted Styles in Brazil and abroad (eg, rap, funk, hip-hop, techno, house, highlife, Afrobeat
4 Musical Styles influenced by Africa and using common rhythms that have ums connection due to the same historical origins.
Please Note.
Individual / Group SALF Lessons and Workshops are available.

SALF Rhythmic Cells.
The Method 150 contains essential rhythmic cells. They are as individual words in a vocabulary of a language. They can then be combined and manipulated in various ways to produce phrases, sentences, paragraphs and rhythmic stories.

SALF Rhythm Method 1987 -
SALF survey began in 1975. The method of FALS pace and identification of essential rhythmic cells was formulated in 1987, after a period of three months of Ethnomusicology of fieldwork in Brazil in 1985. Between 1987-2002, the method underwent refinement and theoretical and graphic test until the publication in Rio de Janeiro the final version (2002 - details above).
Australia - Institutional

Experimentation with an advanced version of FALS method produced two additional educational packages SALF:

1 SALF Pre-Post Phrasing Method
This method was used to explain the inside out / push-pull rhythmic techniques, manipulations and effects used by famous Brazilian musicians such as João Gilberto, Toninho Horta, and Lenny Andrade, who have certain roots in musical styles and body movements associated derivatives the african-Brazilian diaspora. SALF Pre-Post Phrasing method has become an important and original approach to the so-called Brazilianization non-Brazilian musical styles, particularly in the area of ??North America and world jazz performance and composition. The method was successfully used for customizing the musical style through the rhythmic manipulation, a very new area in education and musical performance.

Recognized musicians who have SALF studies with Ryan extensively in Australia and received guests as research / performance in Brazil include.