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Mike In Colombia
Mike Ryan - Artist

Mike Ryan is instrumentalist, composer, arranger and scholar of World Music. His interests range from multicultural / urban music and music identity, African diaspora-influenced global music communities, global jazz expressions and musical experimentation in general.

On the road since 1964, Mike Ryan has performed and recorded with trumpet and flugelhorn in Australia (1963-), Africa (1969-1973), New Zealand (2007), Colombia (2007), and Brazil (1985, 1993, 1996-). Also known as a composer and bandleader, Mike has founded numerous Brazilian / Latin jazz groups of original and experimental music in Australia (Muchos Gringos, Sound Source, Con-Fusion, Palmares, AustraLatin, Australian Made, The Hi-Life Horns) and in Brazil (Energy Music BH, TriAngulo, The TribOz Quintet, TribOz World Mix and the TribOz World Jazz Orchestra).

Mike's involvement with world music spans 50 years and can be seen in numerous recordings and radio broadcasts; Kindred Spirits (LP 1972 South Africa), Muchos Gringos (1974 Australia - Afro-Latin fusion), Palmares in Australia (CD 1989 - Australian-Brazilian-Cuban fusion), Australian Made (1989 - ABC National Radio, Australian-Japanese world music ), Bush Clover and the Moon (Cassette 1990 - Nonsuch Records USA 1990 - African / Japanese / Jazz fusion), TriAngulo (CD 2000 - Australian / Cuban / Brazilian fusion), Teatro do Som (CD 2002 - Brazilian / World Jazz), Mafuá ( CD 2005 - Alex Meirelles, Brazilian electro-acoustic), Estrada de Terra (CD 2006 - Philippe Baden-Powell first solo CD), 7 Lúdicos (CD 2007 - Alex Meirelles / Mike Ryan, Brazilian electro-acoustic).

Recordings with recognized artists of Minas Gerais include ; Africa Gerais Tizumba (CD - 1999 - Mauris Tizumba), Canção (CD 1999 - Paulinho Pedra Azul), Reco Bastos (CD 1999), and performances / recordings with artists from Rio de Janeiro as Paulo Moura, João Donato, Donatinho, Tómas Improta, Fernando Trocado, Alex Meirelles, Marcos Suzano, Dodo Ferreira, Celso Mendes, Tony Botelho, Ricardo Fejão, Nelson Faria, Celio de Carvalho, Vidor Santiago, Bebeto, Haroldo Jobim, Dario Galante, Alberto Farah, Cliff Korman, Alma Thomas, Rafael Barata, Augusto Mattosa, Marcelo Martins and Rudi Berger, and Minas Gerais musicians, Marku Ribas, Sergio Silva, Andre Queiroz, Santiago Rivero (Cuba-Brazil), Nestor Lombida Hunt (Cuba-Brazil), Ezra (Nenen) Ferreira, Clovis Aguiar, Milton Ramos, Celso Moreira, Bizoto, and Bauxita.

From 2002 to 04, Mike Ryan had the great honor to be invited to represent the largest domestic manufacturer of wind instruments in Brazil, Weril (São Paulo), as a 'Weril Artist'.

Mike has Also Performed in various Jazz festivals in Australia (Sydney Festival, Manly Jazz Festival, Festival of Sydney World Music Festival, Sunsplash Reggae Festival Australia, Sydney Summer Jazz, Darling Harbour Jazz), in New Zealand (2007 Wellington Jazz Festival), in Minas Gerais, Brazil (Primeiro Festival de World Music), and in Colombia, South America (Barranqui Jazz Festival 2007 11th International Festival of Jazz & Music Medellín del Mundo 2007 Cali - V11 Encuentro of Creadores Jazz Fusion y Experimental, Manizales - Jazz u Músicas de Mundo).