Thu, April 27, 21:00-1:00

2nd show: Cliff Korman presents UNIRIO Big Band

Big Band UNIRIOThe Big Band UNIRIO was born in 2015 because of the need and great interest of students and alumni to participate in this consecrated and essential formation in the area of popular music. The saxophonist Levi Chaves (Orchestra Tabajara) took the initiative to organize and rehearse his colleagues, and the dream came true with the support of IVL director Sérgio Barrenechea, and in 2016, pianist / arranger Cliff Korman became a teacher responsible for the discipline. In the repertoire, the band reflects the diversity and variety of American and Brazilian orchestras of the genre, with themes by Paulo Moura, Duke Ellington and Pixinguinha, among others.

Musicians to be confirmed.

Cover charge: R$ 30.00

Attention! Reservations only by phone: (21) 22100366 / 992915942
starting at 10 am on the day prior to the show.