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The Rio Art Orquestra

The Rio Art Orchestra (RAO) is a chamber jazz ensemble that resulted from an artistic collaboration between Brazilian and international musicians initiated in 2014 by Mike Ryan, composer, trumpeter and Australian ethnomusicologist.

RAO, known originally as the TribOz-Rio World Jazz Orchestra (TRWJO), is a resident ensemble at Rio's leading live jazz venue, TribOz (Brazilian-Australian Cultural Center). Living in Brazil since 1996, Mike constructed the renowned jazz club where great Brazilian musicians such as Rosa Passos, Claudio Roditi, Carlos Malta, and internationals, Luis Bonilla, Mike Tucker, and Jean-Pierre Zanella, among others, have performed.
The TRWJO (2014) and the latter RAO (2016) have their roots in the world of jazz experiments with Brazilian influences initiated by Mike in Australia in 1977 at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music - University of Sydney. His involvement with Brazilian culture and music which spans 42 years, produced a doctoral thesis, Brazilian Music in Sydney 1971-1984; the presentation of numerous lectures and workshops in Brazil and in the world since 1978, and publication of the book "Samba: Brazil World Music" (edited by Almir Chediak, Lumiar Editora, RJ, 2002), 27 years of research that resulted in the SALF Rhythm Method suited to Samba, Afro-Latin and Funk.
SALF Dreaming, the first presentation of TRWJO (2014), mixed SALF rhythms and global jazz with non-linear concepts of time and animistic belief systems such as those found in the Dreamtime of Australian traditional indigenous cultures.
From the Sublime to the Ridiculous, the new project of RAO (2016), combines concepts of SALF and nonlinear structures with philosophically ambiguous nature of the expression "from the sublime to ridiculous". Mike's encounter with the terms and expression took place in Sydney in 1974 when he played trumpet in a chamber jazz project and concerts of the same name. That provocative mix of classical / orchestral elements with jazz and world music caused a profound and lasting impact on his identity as a musician, has continued as a dominant force in shaping many of his original compositions and forms the basis for RAO's current project and performances at TribOz on September 16 and 17.

As in the first concert of TRWJO 2014 SALF Dreaming, the RAO 2016 presentation brings together musicians with contrasting cultural and musical backgrounds and training from classical to free jazz. Mixing elements derived from Mike's SALF rhythm method, jazz with Afro-Brazilian rhythms and african-diaspora, chamber music, Third Stream jazz, cool jazz, samba-jazz and bossa, this new and super talented team of recognised instrumentalists give life to Ryan's compositions such as "the Future is Coming Soon!", "Whatsapp" and "Yes, But What Do You Do For a Living?".
The result provides an opportunity to hear compositions, instrumentation and sounds unique in Brazil.

Maestro - Mike Ryan (Australia)
Piano - Cliff Korman (USA)
Flute - Peter ONeill (USA)
Voice - Beth Dau (Brazil)
Clarinet, bass clarinet, alto flute - Levi Chaves (Brazil)
Violin 1 - Nikolay Sapoundjiev (Bulgaria) - Orquestra Sinfônica Brasileira
Violin 2 - Willian Isaac (Brazil) Orquestra Sinfónica Brasileira
Viola - Vanessa Rodrigues (Canada)
Cello - Hudson Lima (Brazil) Orquestra Sinfônica Nacional da UFF
Acoustic bass - Bruno Migliari (Brazil)
Percussion - Yann Tama (France)